More MNK and BRD grinding!

July 29, 2009 by


Oh yes, after much trouble, we got to 60 on BRD and MNK. Seriously – it took around 3 days to go from 59-60, simply because we always seemed to group with the idiots. We had a THF who was a diva, yet his gear was around 40 levels out of date.. It was aggrevating to say the least.

We also did a bit of the new weapon augmenting thing where you have to go to the past.. We failed at the first try because we took too long, but Fin is currently going with another group so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve been having major fun with the new Campaign battles and rewards – and trying to level Cooking a little. I think when Fin is offline next week,  might try and put some effort into fishing.



King of the Opo-Opo’s!

July 18, 2009 by


Just because Shiz wanted to see me and my crown (he’s getting up at 6AM to do Dynamis..) I’ll post them up. Just for him. After weeks and weeks of more procrastinating, I finally got my crown – so that’s NIN and my crown done. I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved the past few days – BRD 75 next?

I just wanna say a massive thanks to everyone who has helped me the past few days.. And of course Aerroneu for telling me the place I’d break that god forsaken rod. Shizuha, Findy, Kinikki, Spiyre.. All of you! Thank you ever so much!



July 17, 2009 by

job levels

Yes! I got NIN to 37, after months of procrastinating.  Thanks to Shizuha who made it much better leveling it – and the folks who I leveled with around Qufim. I don’t think I left the island for 3 days! Excuse my job levels by the way.. I get job ADD. Finny’s are much more impressive!

boating with shiz

And now me and Shizzy are off on a boating adventure. Nothing to do with the fact I need to break a fishing rod for my Opo Opo crown, I promise… (Not!)

The sad little NIN.

July 15, 2009 by

Once, there was a lady named Xandora. She loved her BRD, ever ever so much.. But, as she reached 58 when she was pulling those cute fluffy pink birds.. She realised the awful truth.


And woke up to the nightmare of NIN. Hats off to everyone who has this at 37 – and major, major preps to those who have it at 75. Your amazing!

Belated happy birthday..

July 15, 2009 by


Happy Birthday Kin – sorry its late!
(Only she has the image without text on – and the artist, of course.)

Big update!

July 11, 2009 by

No pictures for this post – I’m sorry! Fin’s graphics card went *pop!*, so..

We did Genbu for the first time the other night, on DRG and WHM. It was a lot of fun! Took a lot longer than we imagined with only 7 people, but we got there in the end.. I got a cute little shield for my mage jobs. The poor tank died a few times because I was out of MP, but.. Between us, we did well. 2 Genbu’s down!

We also did some Dynamis-Jeuno. We didn’t get the win, but.. Fin got some shiny new gloves. I enjoyed that Dynamis, actually – I remember doing it a few times years ago, and we never got the win then, either. Luckily its the only one we need before we can progress onto the other forms of Dynamis. I’m really enjoying Dynamis – we have a real friendly group of people. If your interested, have a look here. Phoenix server, of course.

Last night we spent an hour or so trying to get Minstrel’s Coat for my BRD, which is sat at 58. 0/1 on the drop! I still need to get the Crown items, too.. Luckily, I have the basics covered. Carnage Elegy is sat in my inventory, ready to use!

I’m really enjoying playing BRD – I just have to knuckle down with NIN. I was pulling Lesser Colibri the other night in an EXP party, and the pulls were a little long.. Made me cringe a few times. I’d rather have the /NIN for when I know I’m pulling.. I’m getting the hang of the pace though. Its quite fun!

Ballad II is amazing, though. I’m getting the hang of double Ballad-ing and such, which is a relief.. Aside from when our healers are being complete divas. We had a SMN main healer last night, who was a nightmare – if your going to be a diva about tanks, make sure you can play your own job first. I hate people having a bad attitude, and I really felt for the tanks. Yes. Tanks. His attitude was so bad, 2 NIN’s left.


Also a big shout out to Kinikki, for tomorrow. Happy Birthday, you old fart!

Goodbyes, and loose ends.

June 28, 2009 by

Well, today I gotta say a massive goodbye to my in-game teddybear, Bollo. He has real life commitments, so.. I’ll really miss him. He’s really nice to talk to, and has a great attitude so its sad to see him leave.

All the best Bollo – you better stay in touch with me via MSN and the forum, you big fluffy Galka.


Fin and Romi, sharing some love for each other on the steps in Xarcabard while we battled for 50 the other night. We got there – 50 MNK for Finny, 50 BRD for me. We’re just doing all the AF at the moment, which is a task and a half – we pretty much underestimated his fight in Castle O which was a big mistake.

Luckily, a linkshell were there farming for coffer keys, so they helped us out – and I got my coffer soon afterward. It was behind the doors in Oztroja which I find very mean. Lucky I had some nice 75 DRG to open the doors for me.


And I got my shiny Kingdom Aketon. Which I’m now selling because it doesn’t go with my AF that well.. But don’t you think she looked dashing while she had it?

Dynamis and dancing!

June 24, 2009 by

DRG Dancing Queens

Last night was Dynamis-Bastok, which went really well – we only had 2 BLM’s which made things a little sticky at times, but we managed.. Getting the win. My SMN also got a nice piece of equipment for later levels – it went freelot 60+.

SMN Relic Hands

So my SMN is a very happy bunny, even though they don’t get much love in actually running Dynamis its given me a perogative to level SMN soon – like my BRD.

Congratulations to Kinikki too, who got her WHM to 75 while I was in Dynamis – 4th job at 75. Well done! She’s been helping me with my baby BRD (45), so.. Thank you for that too.

You spoony Bard.

June 18, 2009 by


Yep – I’ve been a busy little BRD for the a past few days, and managed to hit 43 yesterday. I have my cute little Paper Knife to fend off my enemies (..alright, to rot for a while) and I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me of Nelle – less of a struggle gil-wise on Xandora though. As it slowly climbs higher, I do find myself enjoying it – here’s hoping I enjoy it enough post-60. I love my Summoner, but I think I have a little job ADD right now.. Who knows which will be the next to 75. I don’t!

Mog Bonanza? Fin won a Rank 5! Me? I didn’t win anything. Its all in good fun though – some people filled their mules with marbles and such, and then get all mad when they won nothing.. Its your fault for buying so many, silly! Some people were already making plans with the gil – they got really mad when they got a few statues.. Congratulations to all the winners though!

Other than that, we’ve done Dynamis again – San d’Oria this time which we already had, but we wanted practice so.. Jeuno on Saturday. The people we do it with (BaneLS) are really fun folks – they make the late runs more bearable! Really, its a good laugh when they all get going – yet they manage to keep things pretty tame too.

Site wise, I’m redoing the ‘About’ pages – sorry if they seem a little messy for now!

Eastern progress.

June 10, 2009 by

The past few days, we’ve been really working on our characters – getting Rank 10 for San d’Oria,we finally got around to getting a Dynamis shell and got a Windurst win, and finally – Treasures of Aht Urhgan.


Yeah, we got through our Alexander battle – Fin got the killing blow as the timer was about to expire!It wasn’t a tough battle as such.. Long, yes. I had to rest up 2-3 times to spam heal our poor PLD.. Nobody stunned the healing move either, but we managed to get him down – even with Fin on DRG, which many doubted.

That can only mean one thing, of course… (Well, two!)



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