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Welcome to my home?

August 9, 2009

I thought I’d take some screenshots, let you see what bland monstrosity my MH is. Don’t laugh – I know its in dire need of some attention.

MH one

All my pretty little trinkets, lined up. I’m not very imaginative I’m afraid – I just think they look pretty. I bought all the eggs at Easter because they all looked super pretty. Of course, the cages Findy made me are there.. Those are my favourite Mog House additions to date.

MH two

My gardening corner. Empty at the moment, but.. I hated the way the table looked, so I hid it behind a screen and put my pretty sparkly trees behind just to make it look a little better. Yeah, thats a book holder – I thought it suited being there, like she was reading about the plants in general. I’m such a dork!

MH three

Uh. My bed. I only recently upgraded it, so… The fish tank I bought a while ago. Findy told me off for wasting money, so now it gets pride of place. Ha.


Butterfly, glowfly and cricket – oh my!

August 8, 2009

Butterfly Cages

Findy decided to surprise me with my own set of summer furnishings, all signed by him – they look so pretty! I haven’t heard the noise the crickets make just yet, but they look wonderful enough. The butterfly one looks so pretty, its a little wasted in my Mog House.. I still haven’t actually had the gil nor the time to make it look very pretty. Though last night I did suck it up and bought a Noble’s Bed, which I’ve wanted for years now. Next step, Royal Bed.

A Tough Nut to Crack

August 4, 2009

Did some ISNM’s for Fin today, for his Strike Subligar. Guess what dropped on my go?


Congratulations Finny! Just remember I passed on that juicy amount of gil next time you pick on me for not having any. Though I still made a nice amount, to be fair.. And a Chocobo Egg. That means..

Header Chocobo

A new feature on Soulvoice. My own little Chocobo, and their journey. Mostly so I can have a look back and see what I did, and just what I’m doing wrong or right.. Today I handed the egg in, so the diary begins.

Divine Might!

August 1, 2009

Findy did his usual stunt of logging in and finding something to do which involves me not leveling BRD. Today? Divine Might. After getting together with a pickup group (who were awesome, by the way..)


Yes. I got a Suppa. Why Xan! Why not the others?! None of the others actually seemed useful for me.. So I got something to try and tempt me to take my DNC further after BRD. I was personally just glad to make some new friends and do a little more on Zilart.

DM Group

Thanks to the above for being awesome – yeah. We did die and such.. But they certainly made the experience much more fun-filled and much better to take part in. We killed the Galka and the Mithra, then wiped.. Everyone reraised and then hacked away at the remaining Angels. The Elvaan didn’t like me much, she pretty much came for me.. Oh well. Congratulations on your earrings everyone!

King of the Opo-Opo’s!

July 18, 2009


Just because Shiz wanted to see me and my crown (he’s getting up at 6AM to do Dynamis..) I’ll post them up. Just for him. After weeks and weeks of more procrastinating, I finally got my crown – so that’s NIN and my crown done. I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved the past few days – BRD 75 next?

I just wanna say a massive thanks to everyone who has helped me the past few days.. And of course Aerroneu for telling me the place I’d break that god forsaken rod. Shizuha, Findy, Kinikki, Spiyre.. All of you! Thank you ever so much!


Belated happy birthday..

July 15, 2009


Happy Birthday Kin – sorry its late!
(Only she has the image without text on – and the artist, of course.)

Big update!

July 11, 2009

No pictures for this post – I’m sorry! Fin’s graphics card went *pop!*, so..

We did Genbu for the first time the other night, on DRG and WHM. It was a lot of fun! Took a lot longer than we imagined with only 7 people, but we got there in the end.. I got a cute little shield for my mage jobs. The poor tank died a few times because I was out of MP, but.. Between us, we did well. 2 Genbu’s down!

We also did some Dynamis-Jeuno. We didn’t get the win, but.. Fin got some shiny new gloves. I enjoyed that Dynamis, actually – I remember doing it a few times years ago, and we never got the win then, either. Luckily its the only one we need before we can progress onto the other forms of Dynamis. I’m really enjoying Dynamis – we have a real friendly group of people. If your interested, have a look here. Phoenix server, of course.

Last night we spent an hour or so trying to get Minstrel’s Coat for my BRD, which is sat at 58. 0/1 on the drop! I still need to get the Crown items, too.. Luckily, I have the basics covered. Carnage Elegy is sat in my inventory, ready to use!

I’m really enjoying playing BRD – I just have to knuckle down with NIN. I was pulling Lesser Colibri the other night in an EXP party, and the pulls were a little long.. Made me cringe a few times. I’d rather have the /NIN for when I know I’m pulling.. I’m getting the hang of the pace though. Its quite fun!

Ballad II is amazing, though. I’m getting the hang of double Ballad-ing and such, which is a relief.. Aside from when our healers are being complete divas. We had a SMN main healer last night, who was a nightmare – if your going to be a diva about tanks, make sure you can play your own job first. I hate people having a bad attitude, and I really felt for the tanks. Yes. Tanks. His attitude was so bad, 2 NIN’s left.


Also a big shout out to Kinikki, for tomorrow. Happy Birthday, you old fart!

Goodbyes, and loose ends.

June 28, 2009

Well, today I gotta say a massive goodbye to my in-game teddybear, Bollo. He has real life commitments, so.. I’ll really miss him. He’s really nice to talk to, and has a great attitude so its sad to see him leave.

All the best Bollo – you better stay in touch with me via MSN and the forum, you big fluffy Galka.


Fin and Romi, sharing some love for each other on the steps in Xarcabard while we battled for 50 the other night. We got there – 50 MNK for Finny, 50 BRD for me. We’re just doing all the AF at the moment, which is a task and a half – we pretty much underestimated his fight in Castle O which was a big mistake.

Luckily, a linkshell were there farming for coffer keys, so they helped us out – and I got my coffer soon afterward. It was behind the doors in Oztroja which I find very mean. Lucky I had some nice 75 DRG to open the doors for me.


And I got my shiny Kingdom Aketon. Which I’m now selling because it doesn’t go with my AF that well.. But don’t you think she looked dashing while she had it?

Eastern progress.

June 10, 2009

The past few days, we’ve been really working on our characters – getting Rank 10 for San d’Oria,we finally got around to getting a Dynamis shell and got a Windurst win, and finally – Treasures of Aht Urhgan.


Yeah, we got through our Alexander battle – Fin got the killing blow as the timer was about to expire!It wasn’t a tough battle as such.. Long, yes. I had to rest up 2-3 times to spam heal our poor PLD.. Nobody stunned the healing move either, but we managed to get him down – even with Fin on DRG, which many doubted.

That can only mean one thing, of course… (Well, two!)



Another post by Xandora, under Findecano – sorry! His computer, so his login!

New boots for the DRG.

June 4, 2009


Went down into Newton to play around with the Bugbear – and managed to get Findy some new shoes. Happy days!