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Divine Might!

August 1, 2009

Findy did his usual stunt of logging in and finding something to do which involves me not leveling BRD. Today? Divine Might. After getting together with a pickup group (who were awesome, by the way..)


Yes. I got a Suppa. Why Xan! Why not the others?! None of the others actually seemed useful for me.. So I got something to try and tempt me to take my DNC further after BRD. I was personally just glad to make some new friends and do a little more on Zilart.

DM Group

Thanks to the above for being awesome – yeah. We did die and such.. But they certainly made the experience much more fun-filled and much better to take part in. We killed the Galka and the Mithra, then wiped.. Everyone reraised and then hacked away at the remaining Angels. The Elvaan didn’t like me much, she pretty much came for me.. Oh well. Congratulations on your earrings everyone!


Can’t take Fin anywhere!

March 19, 2009

This is why you should make me clear my tonberry hate, it just proves that they love me, and want to hug me! ^w^


Yeah… we were getting the prelate key for Sandy 8-2, just think I won’t clear my hate before Carby mitts, Xannie! So it will be even worse!

A busy day.

March 16, 2009


We’ve been none stop today, running around doing Rank Missions (mission 8-1), helping with Weaponskill NM’s (Evisceration) and finally helping a DRK who was in Gustav Tunnel at the time we were getting the NM for Arliss, getting his testimony. Good look with Maat, Jacksparow! He was actually really lucky, Charina our Paladin got blood aggro from a skeleton, and said skeleton dropped the testimony… So we only really killed one mob.

In managing to do all these, we have made pretty good friends within the Linkshell we were given, which is always a nice thing. Its good to get to know people, and its fabulous seeing familiar faces around Vana’diel also.

In between all that? Farming eyes for Findy’s Optical Hat. We did that years ago (the link to my very first FFXI blog, with the entries pertaining to that hat) so its a bit of a chore going round to collect them all again. We seem to have a group that needs them at the moment, so its not so hard. And yes – I’m collecting a set too. I wasn’t going to bother, but if I level something such as DNC, I’ll need the silly hat… So its worth having a few weeks of intense eyeball farming/cluster hoarding I guess.

Speaking of jobs to level next, me and Findy have been facing this dilemma for a few days now. He cannot decide, what job, to level next. I’m pretty certain on SMN as my next job, with possibly BRD or DNC to follow that. Fin has no idea – MNK, SAM, THF, RDM.. All sound appealing. So right now; who knows what jobs we’ll end up with next.

I also recreated Teddybears, on Phoenix server. Yeah, I’m sentimental!