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Uh, don’t fall for it?

August 19, 2009


Since you know.. Its so hard to not fall for that.. Just figured I’d let ya’ll know the new attempted scam.


The return of…

May 24, 2009

huganewbieRemember this? Well, today it gets broken out again, because I’m rather annoyed at the way one of my LS members was treated earlier.. So I’m going to vent off here.

When a newbie joins your party, and its obvious they are still learning the job they are currently on (for example, RNG in Valkurm), do you turn around to them and say ‘your a waste of time, don’t play the game’. No, no you don’t.

Well done – I’d post the conversation I had with the idiot that said this (and his mother, who is just as bad) but I really can’t be bothered lingering on this. Apparently, when you’ve played this game 6 years, it doesn’t matter and you are a God. Also, if you listen to Insane Clown Posse, you are a God- no really, thats something he spouted to Findecano when he had a word since our LS member was getting hassled in party chat by this guy – and in say, by his mother.

Yeah, right.

Protected: ‘Wearing a little thin’. (None FF related.)

May 11, 2009

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Why so serious?

April 7, 2009

1/5 on Leaping Lizzy for her Bounding Boots (for me this time, not Fin!) since she was a real toughie this time. 5 hours yesterday with no pop! After that, we moved onto VE for his hairpin. Well. We got there, and someone started moaning in /say.


Then he started holding placeholders. As you can tell, Fin was not amused. Anyway, Fin suddenly used Flee, saying VE was up while this guy was holding the ‘PH’. Fin claimed, and we got the drop, 1/1.


Wonderful fellow. I shouldn’t have whispered him, but… Serves him right for trying to screw us around. Damn, I’m a level 75 mule.