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Uh, don’t fall for it?

August 19, 2009


Since you know.. Its so hard to not fall for that.. Just figured I’d let ya’ll know the new attempted scam.


Chocobo Update

August 19, 2009

Chocobo Diary

A little chick update for you all, since its now day 14. I’ve actually moved onto Vomp Carrots x3 per day now, instead of Carrot Paste. This isn’t for any other reason than.. I ran out of Paste. So yeah.

Her statistics look different too:

Day 14

Only a fast update for tonight I’m afraid its 3:24AM – we just did Dynamis San d’Oria, so I’m pretty tired! I’m sorry!


10,000 hits! Thank you!

Desires of Emptiness

August 15, 2009

Well, a few days ago we got Sacrarium done as you probably guessed by my previous post. While EXPing last night, we got asked if we wanted to do Vahzl.

Battlefield Record 1

Which we did.  I went on SMN to this fight – I had some fun with Astral Flow towards the end of course, but.. The worse part about this mission for me (and others I’m guessing) was the 3rd and final boss as you climb. Ponderer. We got him down to 1% at the first try before he wiped us. Then 3% the second try. The third was 25% or something like that.. We allianced with the other group who were doing Promyvion-Vahzl on this point. Even allianced we wiped on the first try! Though we finally got him down after much huffing and puffing, and entered the BCNM. That was the part I’d been dreading most of the run.

It went perfectly. Not one death, and noone panicked.. So I was pretty amazed. It was that fight I’d figured we’d wipe on, but no. So thats Promyvion-Vahzl done and dusted.. We just did the cutscenes for the Three Paths, so hopefully we’ll get them knocked out soon enough. Lots of CoP progress I didn’t expect this week!

BRD and MNK hit 67 last night, too – not too far to go now, and we’re both pretty psyched about them getting 75.. So hopefully not much longer. I’m enjoying BRD still, which is the main thing – I’m even looking forward to merits, which is pretty rare for me. I’m not sure why since BRD in merits is heralded as a nightmare, but.. I am. I should look up what merits I need and where really. Of course I need to get more gil together, but me, Shiz and Findy – sometimes with Mitsu when she can come along, all do ISNM’s.. So maybe luck will shine on me when I next go.

Chocobo Diary

Day 10! Sweet Bonbon is growing up so fast. I’ve been staying on Chocobo Paste and walking her.. And the stats changed a little bit this morning. Just a litle update on my chick today, but I figured I’d post her stats.

Choco Stats, day 10

The Sacrarium

August 12, 2009

After spending some time on BRD and MNK (66), we decided to put some work into CoP.. We’d been sat on The Sacrarium mission for a long time. It seemed to be in the middle of the missions everyone shouted for – every time I saw someone shout, we were either about to log off or in the middle of something else.. So we pretty much jumped on the offer today.

Sacrarium 1

Off we trooped into that dratted maze. What a nightmare that place is.. Our party leader hooked us up with some people doing the Swift Belt fight (though it was simply because the leader and his friend were too lazy to get keys I think) and we eventually got things done. Eventually being the operative word. First, we spawned the Professor – and only 3/6 members were present. So we died.

We were always going to be 5/6, because our WAR decided to stay sat behind the door since it needed unlocking.. But we tagged along with the Swift Belt group for the longest time. Yes, people did start moaning.. But only because the ‘leader’ wouldn’t talk to us. Seems he knew someone in the Belt group – so of course, us mere social LS wearing mortals were left in the dark about what was happening. We even did two Swift Belt fights – of course, our group wasn’t allowed to lot the Codex’s even if we killed the mob that dropped them. Seemed unfair to me, but trying to argue with some folks about things like that is like plaiting fog.

We got there in the end, which is fabulous – I’m super grateful to Jacko for sticking it out. Thank you!

Sacrarium 3

Yay for Promyvion-Vahzl.. Right..? Right..?! Ha – no, we pretty much dread the next missions.. Though we are one step closer to Sea Access, which is all good I guess. Findy was supposed to go for an O-Hat run today, but it seems like its fallen through.. Its a shame, because he’s had the Cluster a long while now and he really needs that item for his MNK.

Fin’s been leveling his Woodworking for a while now – and of course, I’ve been looking after SweetBonbon. My choco-chick. I did manage to plant some Wildgrass Seeds today – a little late, but we’ll see how it goes.

Chocobo DiaryI’ve been keeping her on Carrot Paste – I’ve been warned against it, but.. I had some, so I thought I’d give it a go. Keeping her on walks through the day and then walking her a few times when I get on to check over her, she hasn’t had any major stat increases just yet. I am however, doing Kamp Kweh with DaringSpirit – Findy’s choco-chick. Overall, Bonbon has become more patient.. But thats all. Oh well, I always knew there would be plenty of blood, sweat and tears involved with raising my own little feathered ball of love.

Welcome to my home?

August 9, 2009

I thought I’d take some screenshots, let you see what bland monstrosity my MH is. Don’t laugh – I know its in dire need of some attention.

MH one

All my pretty little trinkets, lined up. I’m not very imaginative I’m afraid – I just think they look pretty. I bought all the eggs at Easter because they all looked super pretty. Of course, the cages Findy made me are there.. Those are my favourite Mog House additions to date.

MH two

My gardening corner. Empty at the moment, but.. I hated the way the table looked, so I hid it behind a screen and put my pretty sparkly trees behind just to make it look a little better. Yeah, thats a book holder – I thought it suited being there, like she was reading about the plants in general. I’m such a dork!

MH three

Uh. My bed. I only recently upgraded it, so… The fish tank I bought a while ago. Findy told me off for wasting money, so now it gets pride of place. Ha.

Butterfly, glowfly and cricket – oh my!

August 8, 2009

Butterfly Cages

Findy decided to surprise me with my own set of summer furnishings, all signed by him – they look so pretty! I haven’t heard the noise the crickets make just yet, but they look wonderful enough. The butterfly one looks so pretty, its a little wasted in my Mog House.. I still haven’t actually had the gil nor the time to make it look very pretty. Though last night I did suck it up and bought a Noble’s Bed, which I’ve wanted for years now. Next step, Royal Bed.

Sunny side up?

August 6, 2009

Chocobo Diary

My Chocobo is still in its egg. Still. But I did make sure I sat down earlier, and checked it 100 times. I actually tallied it up as I checked, just to make sure. So hopefully when it hatches, it loves me. I’m actually going by this guide which Fin found. I’m not really sure on what kind of bird I want to raise – I’d say racer, but he puts me off a little.

Raising a racing Chocobo involves feeding heaping supplies of Vomp Carrots, taking it for many many walks, and pretty much requires you to breed it from 2 parents with canter and gallop, as having level 1 discernment makes it impossible to learn these abilities.

There is an expensive and hard way to learn an ability with your bird, but we’ll cover that at day 50.

My poor egg came from an ISNM, but I suppose all Chocobo start off somewhere. Maybe I can pack it off on a honeymoon with one of my friends birds when he/she is old enough. Regardless, I’ll still follow his advice and feed my little chick lots of Vomp Carrots (I can actually make the paste, so I’m debating whether to make that now or not..) and I’ll put some Wildgrass Seeds in my MH so by the time they can be harvested – my Chocobo could probably eat them.

All you can do is wait and watch over the egg. It is highly suggested you watch over it a total of 100 times by day 4 so the chick hatches with capped affection.

Well, that’s done for me. I guess all I gotta do now is check over it a few times a day and wait for it to hatch! The next stage for him/her, is;

Keep your chick on Walk Through Town care plan for the entire two weeks straight. Feed it 3 Vomp Carrots every day, and if you do it right, you will have a high chance of obtaining a red or blue bird, possibly black

So I really, really need to start stocking up on the Vomp Carrots!

A Tough Nut to Crack

August 4, 2009

Did some ISNM’s for Fin today, for his Strike Subligar. Guess what dropped on my go?


Congratulations Finny! Just remember I passed on that juicy amount of gil next time you pick on me for not having any. Though I still made a nice amount, to be fair.. And a Chocobo Egg. That means..

Header Chocobo

A new feature on Soulvoice. My own little Chocobo, and their journey. Mostly so I can have a look back and see what I did, and just what I’m doing wrong or right.. Today I handed the egg in, so the diary begins.

The Sunbreeze Festival!

August 4, 2009


Yes, its Summerfest time and I’ve been a busy little bee. The Yukata wasn’t so bad to get – find Mumor. She’ll be hanging around your home city, putting on a bit of a show. The point? You have to match up your dance moves to hers – make sure you speak with the respective Moogle first.

15 synchronised moves will get you the first Yukata. Go back to the Moogle, and then back to Mumor. 15 more synchronised  moves will score you the HQ Yukata, the female version as modeled by me above. I think the male version looks better to be honest, but… Thats just me.


The swim wear (again, as modeled by me above) can be attained by completing the mini games on hard mode. To play on hard mode, you need to get the Yukata. Following me? Good!

→ Spot the Difference, San d’Oria

This is easy once you know where to look. The scenarios repeat after a while so you get to know where the differences are.. I found it easier on hard mode because they were so fast. To complete hard mode and get your red balloon and Melon Snowcones, you need to spot 9 differences – I got 16. Its that easy!

→ Shooting Gallery, Bastok

Do not. Shoot the Pixies. Thats it! Everything else is fair game, and easy shooting. Its pretty easy – click ‘Wait’ when it comes to the Pixies. Its quicker to do that, than waiting for the targets to change by themselves. You need to get 30 to complete it and get your blue balloon and your M&P Doner Kebabs.

→ Chickabo Catching, Windurst

This one was the one that got me. You have to avoid the Mandragoras, and catch the baby Chocobos. 35 of them, on hard mode. It drove me insane, but.. Aim for the groups and perseviere and you’ll manage it. Your reward is a green balloon and some Cotton Candy.

To get your cute little swimming set, you need to go to the event Moogle. He gives you both parts of the HQ swim set – happy Purgonorgo teleporting! I love Purgonorgo Isle, so it was a must for me.


Go to a Rendezvous Point and call your NPC.. And he/she will decide to be festive too. Until you unequip the swimsuit yourself, that is.

Divine Might!

August 1, 2009

Findy did his usual stunt of logging in and finding something to do which involves me not leveling BRD. Today? Divine Might. After getting together with a pickup group (who were awesome, by the way..)


Yes. I got a Suppa. Why Xan! Why not the others?! None of the others actually seemed useful for me.. So I got something to try and tempt me to take my DNC further after BRD. I was personally just glad to make some new friends and do a little more on Zilart.

DM Group

Thanks to the above for being awesome – yeah. We did die and such.. But they certainly made the experience much more fun-filled and much better to take part in. We killed the Galka and the Mithra, then wiped.. Everyone reraised and then hacked away at the remaining Angels. The Elvaan didn’t like me much, she pretty much came for me.. Oh well. Congratulations on your earrings everyone!