Name: Xandora
Hume ♀
San d’Oria [Rank 10]
Home Point: South San d’Oria
Cooking 63
NPC: Romidiant, 54 Elvaan ♂


  • White Mage 75
  • Bard 58
  • Summoner 60


Having started as a THF way back in the beginning, I played it till the 30’s and didn’t enjoy it very much at all. I leveled with a RDM at the time, and I hated not being able to compliment her. Then I found WHM, and fell in love. SMN follows close afterward.

I can usually be found dodging my farming duties, camping NM’s, or playing around with Mr Bankai (alias Romidiant), my NPC. Yes, my character does have a .dat swapped head. Yes, she has violet eyes. The .dat is available at ffxidats.com.

The girl behind the character:
Having met Findecano (my partner) in game just over 3 years ago, I’m very attached to this character. As readers of this blog will know, me and Finny tried to restart on new characters with little success. Final Fantasy just wasn’t the same.

In February 2009, we used the Return to Vana’diel Campaign to get our old characters back, over 2 years since they were deleted. Its a tough old world in Vana’diel, but with friends, we’ll manage just fine.

I am the main poster on the blog, and I’m pleased to meet you. I’m a trainee hair stylist, and a complete nerd when it comes to computer games. I’m also a major .dat swapper – Xandora’s face is actually F4-A, but with a new start I wanted a new hairstyle. What? You know what I’m training to be!


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