Uh, don’t fall for it?



Since you know.. Its so hard to not fall for that.. Just figured I’d let ya’ll know the new attempted scam.


6 Responses to “Uh, don’t fall for it?”

  1. aerroenu Says:

    Ooo, so totally reported to the STF. I went ahead and checked the site… Haha, you go to a replica of the FFXI LS Community Site (uh, wut? *lol*) with about 5 different things to plug in to “login”.

    I hope the whole lack of a GM name is a red flag to folks. I see these /tell tricks done a lot in World of Warcraft; I’m losely surprised they’re using that tactic in this game… ’cause, technically, with the text limit FFXI has, this isn’t even possible!

    *gasp!* Haxxors!!

  2. Aerroenu Says:

    *I’m loosely surprised, ugh.

  3. Kinikki Says:

    System will freeze your ID…

    ohyeah. makessense.


    In a way, this is natural selection. If someone’s silly enough to fall for it then..! D:

  4. Bollo Says:

    see this a week back or so when i was looking thru ffxiah.com forums (its a way of still getting a lil fix..)

    apparantly if i remember correctly the person actually visited the website >.> and there was talk of keyloggers and whatever ya wanna call it.

    Anyway, fake GM’s aside, just watched these, thought some of u junkies may like a look too :Op


    its a site that gives me all your logins but installing a keylo… i mean its the new FFXIV game ….

    still looks a bit sketchy but this is early days, loldodos

    hello all btw^^ hope shells going well 😀

  5. I won the lottery! « To My Side Wirbelwind! Says:

    […] I’m always shocked that people fall for this and I’m sure you are wondering why I let you kind folks of the FFXI community know about this. The reason is simple: they try it in FFXI too. […]

  6. Jowah Says:

    Sadly, there ARE people who fall in such traps.

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