Desires of Emptiness


Well, a few days ago we got Sacrarium done as you probably guessed by my previous post. While EXPing last night, we got asked if we wanted to do Vahzl.

Battlefield Record 1

Which we did.  I went on SMN to this fight – I had some fun with Astral Flow towards the end of course, but.. The worse part about this mission for me (and others I’m guessing) was the 3rd and final boss as you climb. Ponderer. We got him down to 1% at the first try before he wiped us. Then 3% the second try. The third was 25% or something like that.. We allianced with the other group who were doing Promyvion-Vahzl on this point. Even allianced we wiped on the first try! Though we finally got him down after much huffing and puffing, and entered the BCNM. That was the part I’d been dreading most of the run.

It went perfectly. Not one death, and noone panicked.. So I was pretty amazed. It was that fight I’d figured we’d wipe on, but no. So thats Promyvion-Vahzl done and dusted.. We just did the cutscenes for the Three Paths, so hopefully we’ll get them knocked out soon enough. Lots of CoP progress I didn’t expect this week!

BRD and MNK hit 67 last night, too – not too far to go now, and we’re both pretty psyched about them getting 75.. So hopefully not much longer. I’m enjoying BRD still, which is the main thing – I’m even looking forward to merits, which is pretty rare for me. I’m not sure why since BRD in merits is heralded as a nightmare, but.. I am. I should look up what merits I need and where really. Of course I need to get more gil together, but me, Shiz and Findy – sometimes with Mitsu when she can come along, all do ISNM’s.. So maybe luck will shine on me when I next go.

Chocobo Diary

Day 10! Sweet Bonbon is growing up so fast. I’ve been staying on Chocobo Paste and walking her.. And the stats changed a little bit this morning. Just a litle update on my chick today, but I figured I’d post her stats.

Choco Stats, day 10


2 Responses to “Desires of Emptiness”

  1. Kinikki Says:

    If you’re going to merit bard I suggest this:

    Wind skill, singing skill. 8/8 both of them. Or well. Don’t actually, you’re levelling SMN so save some magic merits for summoning magic! You can put 16 merits into magic so you can fully merit 2.. Maybe go 8/8 wind, 4/8 singing and 4/8 summoning? Up to you.

    Nightingale and Troubadour are ❤ But just unlock them, they don't need anything more than that. Just shortens recast!

    Foe Sirvente is awesome too, especially for small events like Limbus (when you get there eventually). 5/5 that if you can. It's worth it for tanks if you do events which require kiters etc.

    Um. Emn- is nice.

    Lullaby recast down is good too, and personally I did minuet effect. But madrigal effect is also good. (:

  2. Kinikki Says:

    I did minuet for the simple fact that at 75 if melee need madrigal to hit stuff it makes me sad ): *

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