The Sacrarium


After spending some time on BRD and MNK (66), we decided to put some work into CoP.. We’d been sat on The Sacrarium mission for a long time. It seemed to be in the middle of the missions everyone shouted for – every time I saw someone shout, we were either about to log off or in the middle of something else.. So we pretty much jumped on the offer today.

Sacrarium 1

Off we trooped into that dratted maze. What a nightmare that place is.. Our party leader hooked us up with some people doing the Swift Belt fight (though it was simply because the leader and his friend were too lazy to get keys I think) and we eventually got things done. Eventually being the operative word. First, we spawned the Professor – and only 3/6 members were present. So we died.

We were always going to be 5/6, because our WAR decided to stay sat behind the door since it needed unlocking.. But we tagged along with the Swift Belt group for the longest time. Yes, people did start moaning.. But only because the ‘leader’ wouldn’t talk to us. Seems he knew someone in the Belt group – so of course, us mere social LS wearing mortals were left in the dark about what was happening. We even did two Swift Belt fights – of course, our group wasn’t allowed to lot the Codex’s even if we killed the mob that dropped them. Seemed unfair to me, but trying to argue with some folks about things like that is like plaiting fog.

We got there in the end, which is fabulous – I’m super grateful to Jacko for sticking it out. Thank you!

Sacrarium 3

Yay for Promyvion-Vahzl.. Right..? Right..?! Ha – no, we pretty much dread the next missions.. Though we are one step closer to Sea Access, which is all good I guess. Findy was supposed to go for an O-Hat run today, but it seems like its fallen through.. Its a shame, because he’s had the Cluster a long while now and he really needs that item for his MNK.

Fin’s been leveling his Woodworking for a while now – and of course, I’ve been looking after SweetBonbon. My choco-chick. I did manage to plant some Wildgrass Seeds today – a little late, but we’ll see how it goes.

Chocobo DiaryI’ve been keeping her on Carrot Paste – I’ve been warned against it, but.. I had some, so I thought I’d give it a go. Keeping her on walks through the day and then walking her a few times when I get on to check over her, she hasn’t had any major stat increases just yet. I am however, doing Kamp Kweh with DaringSpirit – Findy’s choco-chick. Overall, Bonbon has become more patient.. But thats all. Oh well, I always knew there would be plenty of blood, sweat and tears involved with raising my own little feathered ball of love.


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