Sunny side up?


Chocobo Diary

My Chocobo is still in its egg. Still. But I did make sure I sat down earlier, and checked it 100 times. I actually tallied it up as I checked, just to make sure. So hopefully when it hatches, it loves me. I’m actually going by this guide which Fin found. I’m not really sure on what kind of bird I want to raise – I’d say racer, but he puts me off a little.

Raising a racing Chocobo involves feeding heaping supplies of Vomp Carrots, taking it for many many walks, and pretty much requires you to breed it from 2 parents with canter and gallop, as having level 1 discernment makes it impossible to learn these abilities.

There is an expensive and hard way to learn an ability with your bird, but we’ll cover that at day 50.

My poor egg came from an ISNM, but I suppose all Chocobo start off somewhere. Maybe I can pack it off on a honeymoon with one of my friends birds when he/she is old enough. Regardless, I’ll still follow his advice and feed my little chick lots of Vomp Carrots (I can actually make the paste, so I’m debating whether to make that now or not..) and I’ll put some Wildgrass Seeds in my MH so by the time they can be harvested – my Chocobo could probably eat them.

All you can do is wait and watch over the egg. It is highly suggested you watch over it a total of 100 times by day 4 so the chick hatches with capped affection.

Well, that’s done for me. I guess all I gotta do now is check over it a few times a day and wait for it to hatch! The next stage for him/her, is;

Keep your chick on Walk Through Town care plan for the entire two weeks straight. Feed it 3 Vomp Carrots every day, and if you do it right, you will have a high chance of obtaining a red or blue bird, possibly black

So I really, really need to start stocking up on the Vomp Carrots!


One Response to “Sunny side up?”

  1. Shizuha Says:

    I think my black chocobo has gallop and maybe even canter, i know he has atleast one of the racing ones, so if you want his card just let me know ^^

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