The Sunbreeze Festival!



Yes, its Summerfest time and I’ve been a busy little bee. The Yukata wasn’t so bad to get – find Mumor. She’ll be hanging around your home city, putting on a bit of a show. The point? You have to match up your dance moves to hers – make sure you speak with the respective Moogle first.

15 synchronised moves will get you the first Yukata. Go back to the Moogle, and then back to Mumor. 15 more synchronised  moves will score you the HQ Yukata, the female version as modeled by me above. I think the male version looks better to be honest, but… Thats just me.


The swim wear (again, as modeled by me above) can be attained by completing the mini games on hard mode. To play on hard mode, you need to get the Yukata. Following me? Good!

→ Spot the Difference, San d’Oria

This is easy once you know where to look. The scenarios repeat after a while so you get to know where the differences are.. I found it easier on hard mode because they were so fast. To complete hard mode and get your red balloon and Melon Snowcones, you need to spot 9 differences – I got 16. Its that easy!

→ Shooting Gallery, Bastok

Do not. Shoot the Pixies. Thats it! Everything else is fair game, and easy shooting. Its pretty easy – click ‘Wait’ when it comes to the Pixies. Its quicker to do that, than waiting for the targets to change by themselves. You need to get 30 to complete it and get your blue balloon and your M&P Doner Kebabs.

→ Chickabo Catching, Windurst

This one was the one that got me. You have to avoid the Mandragoras, and catch the baby Chocobos. 35 of them, on hard mode. It drove me insane, but.. Aim for the groups and perseviere and you’ll manage it. Your reward is a green balloon and some Cotton Candy.

To get your cute little swimming set, you need to go to the event Moogle. He gives you both parts of the HQ swim set – happy Purgonorgo teleporting! I love Purgonorgo Isle, so it was a must for me.


Go to a Rendezvous Point and call your NPC.. And he/she will decide to be festive too. Until you unequip the swimsuit yourself, that is.


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