Divine Might!


Findy did his usual stunt of logging in and finding something to do which involves me not leveling BRD. Today? Divine Might. After getting together with a pickup group (who were awesome, by the way..)


Yes. I got a Suppa. Why Xan! Why not the others?! None of the others actually seemed useful for me.. So I got something to try and tempt me to take my DNC further after BRD. I was personally just glad to make some new friends and do a little more on Zilart.

DM Group

Thanks to the above for being awesome – yeah. We did die and such.. But they certainly made the experience much more fun-filled and much better to take part in. We killed the Galka and the Mithra, then wiped.. Everyone reraised and then hacked away at the remaining Angels. The Elvaan didn’t like me much, she pretty much came for me.. Oh well. Congratulations on your earrings everyone!


4 Responses to “Divine Might!”

  1. Kinikki Says:

    DM is a pretty fun fight with a good group, you’re bound to get wiped atleast once no matter how much you rock, the elvaan has a habit of mass shieldbash.

    Grats~ I need to change my earring at somepoint. lolabyssal.

  2. Anonymous Poster Says:

    But meree is soooooo overated. Abyssal isn’t that lol after all. Congrats on your Suppa Xan 🙂

  3. Xandora Says:

    Thank you Mr A. N. Onymous! 🙂 ❤

  4. Omniyoji Says:

    For a second there Xandora, I thought you were Xantcha, an old friend of mine…

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