More MNK and BRD grinding!



Oh yes, after much trouble, we got to 60 on BRD and MNK. Seriously – it took around 3 days to go from 59-60, simply because we always seemed to group with the idiots. We had a THF who was a diva, yet his gear was around 40 levels out of date.. It was aggrevating to say the least.

We also did a bit of the new weapon augmenting thing where you have to go to the past.. We failed at the first try because we took too long, but Fin is currently going with another group so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve been having major fun with the new Campaign battles and rewards – and trying to level Cooking a little. I think when Fin is offline next week,  might try and put some effort into fishing.



5 Responses to “More MNK and BRD grinding!”

  1. Kinikki Says:


  2. Bollo Says:


    Do fishing 😛 its good fun when you finalllllly get into it, I used to love having fishing around 40’s just for the gil i was making of istirydies or whateverm, especially as i skilled on them for around 10 lvls and could of maybe gone futher too?

    1-11 in city on moats halcyon/insect paste

    12-17 (i think) outside sandy on some carps (like i say, i think)

    18-mid 20’s – cant remember, possibly paid rmt here

    25ish -late 30’s – outside bastok near lighthouse, 3 fish catch/skill, lobster, some eel and some other thing, black carp?? cant remmeber name exactly

    late 30’s near 50 – istidye (sp) in nashmau? they are the aht umpalumpa version of … man i fail, i forgot too much lol, they are the aht version of a other shell anyway lol, and if you have or know a high boner /snigger…. you can do very nicely crafting them to pearl/black pearls.

    i used mainly halcyon rod up to this point as i got stuck at 2k moats, used to use this quality fishing site that many dont seem to know exists so will post it up if i can find it if you need, probably one of my regrets never to get it to 90-100’s..

    GOOD LUCK :p

    say hi to everyone one for me 😉

  3. Bollo Says:

    Here it is, the daddy big balls of fishing sites.. (dunno what daddy big balls is, just made it up…. but i think it means the best?)

    this will make you want to fish!!

    ok its not thaaaaaaaat good, but its my fave fishing site of em all, and most people never used to seem to know about it, or maybe they just didnt care and wanted me to stop rambling..


    bollo x

  4. Bollo Says:

    P.S did you notice how i mock you fin? scroll over my name! Hillarious aye

  5. Findecano Says:

    I hate you Bollo..

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