King of the Opo-Opo’s!



Just because Shiz wanted to see me and my crown (he’s getting up at 6AM to do Dynamis..) I’ll post them up. Just for him. After weeks and weeks of more procrastinating, I finally got my crown – so that’s NIN and my crown done. I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved the past few days – BRD 75 next?

I just wanna say a massive thanks to everyone who has helped me the past few days.. And of course Aerroneu for telling me the place I’d break that god forsaken rod. Shizuha, Findy, Kinikki, Spiyre.. All of you! Thank you ever so much!



4 Responses to “King of the Opo-Opo’s!”

  1. Kinikki Says:

    /hands you the membership card to the ‘We smell in Kazham club’.

    Goddamn that airship mithra.

    Congratulations. Now get to 70 so I can whore you out for dual bard meripos.

  2. Shizuha Says:

    yay looking good missy :3 At least you can calm down a lil now and enjoy bard a bit :3

  3. Findecano Says:

    Next week, we can level again – or maybe later on in the week, when I run out of things to do! lol

    OR, you can go ahead and level it and i’ll catch up. ❤

  4. Maifun Says:

    congrats 🙂

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