job levels

Yes! I got NIN to 37, after months of procrastinating.  Thanks to Shizuha who made it much better leveling it – and the folks who I leveled with around Qufim. I don’t think I left the island for 3 days! Excuse my job levels by the way.. I get job ADD. Finny’s are much more impressive!

boating with shiz

And now me and Shizzy are off on a boating adventure. Nothing to do with the fact I need to break a fishing rod for my Opo Opo crown, I promise… (Not!)


5 Responses to “Finally.”

  1. Aerroenu Says:

    Meatballs at the pond at the bottom of Gusgen Mines = guaranteed break. (=3)

  2. Shizuha Says:

    lol congrats on 37 finaly :3 shame you started to miss it on the boat trip and had to use ninjar macros xD

  3. Shizuha Says:

    Aerroenu! ❤ first time and Xan gets a break xD nice call on gusgen :3

  4. Xandora Says:

    We love you Aerroenu! @w@ ❤

  5. Findecano Says:

    Congrats on NIN 37 sweets, i’m sure I told you to go to Gusgen too, no one listens to me

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