The sad little NIN.


Once, there was a lady named Xandora. She loved her BRD, ever ever so much.. But, as she reached 58 when she was pulling those cute fluffy pink birds.. She realised the awful truth.


And woke up to the nightmare of NIN. Hats off to everyone who has this at 37 – and major, major preps to those who have it at 75. Your amazing!


2 Responses to “The sad little NIN.”

  1. Andy aka Bollo Says:

    Lol. you gotta lvl nin more then???

    I fookin hated nin, liked it for sub on thf but that was about it…

    before nin ❤ ers go mental at me, i dont not rate you, just dislike the job!

    anyway good luck ;P hope alls well in the world of vanadiel

  2. Jowah Says:

    NIN sucks till 37. Then it’s awesome.
    I wanted to lvl it but then again i realized i couldnt use it in my LS…so i gave up. Blink tanking is sooooooo awesome, you will love it ;(

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