Big update!


No pictures for this post – I’m sorry! Fin’s graphics card went *pop!*, so..

We did Genbu for the first time the other night, on DRG and WHM. It was a lot of fun! Took a lot longer than we imagined with only 7 people, but we got there in the end.. I got a cute little shield for my mage jobs. The poor tank died a few times because I was out of MP, but.. Between us, we did well. 2 Genbu’s down!

We also did some Dynamis-Jeuno. We didn’t get the win, but.. Fin got some shiny new gloves. I enjoyed that Dynamis, actually – I remember doing it a few times years ago, and we never got the win then, either. Luckily its the only one we need before we can progress onto the other forms of Dynamis. I’m really enjoying Dynamis – we have a real friendly group of people. If your interested, have a look here. Phoenix server, of course.

Last night we spent an hour or so trying to get Minstrel’s Coat for my BRD, which is sat at 58. 0/1 on the drop! I still need to get the Crown items, too.. Luckily, I have the basics covered. Carnage Elegy is sat in my inventory, ready to use!

I’m really enjoying playing BRD – I just have to knuckle down with NIN. I was pulling Lesser Colibri the other night in an EXP party, and the pulls were a little long.. Made me cringe a few times. I’d rather have the /NIN for when I know I’m pulling.. I’m getting the hang of the pace though. Its quite fun!

Ballad II is amazing, though. I’m getting the hang of double Ballad-ing and such, which is a relief.. Aside from when our healers are being complete divas. We had a SMN main healer last night, who was a nightmare – if your going to be a diva about tanks, make sure you can play your own job first. I hate people having a bad attitude, and I really felt for the tanks. Yes. Tanks. His attitude was so bad, 2 NIN’s left.


Also a big shout out to Kinikki, for tomorrow. Happy Birthday, you old fart!


2 Responses to “Big update!”

  1. Kinikki Says:

    ): you’re older.

  2. Xandora Says:

    I’m a stale fart. Totally.

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