Goodbyes, and loose ends.


Well, today I gotta say a massive goodbye to my in-game teddybear, Bollo. He has real life commitments, so.. I’ll really miss him. He’s really nice to talk to, and has a great attitude so its sad to see him leave.

All the best Bollo – you better stay in touch with me via MSN and the forum, you big fluffy Galka.


Fin and Romi, sharing some love for each other on the steps in Xarcabard while we battled for 50 the other night. We got there – 50 MNK for Finny, 50 BRD for me. We’re just doing all the AF at the moment, which is a task and a half – we pretty much underestimated his fight in Castle O which was a big mistake.

Luckily, a linkshell were there farming for coffer keys, so they helped us out – and I got my coffer soon afterward. It was behind the doors in Oztroja which I find very mean. Lucky I had some nice 75 DRG to open the doors for me.


And I got my shiny Kingdom Aketon. Which I’m now selling because it doesn’t go with my AF that well.. But don’t you think she looked dashing while she had it?


4 Responses to “Goodbyes, and loose ends.”

  1. Andy (Previously bollo) Says:

    I will indeed stay in touch 🙂 and thx for having me in the linkshell.

    May have only been like 2 months, 3 if u include june but i only logged on once in tha… anyway. May have been 2 months but it feels like i was there for years lol. Thx for the company/ls and been a pleasure meeting ya both.

    Will deffo keep in touch, good luck in game, and outta it!

    Loads of love

    Bollo x

  2. Findecano Says:


  3. Andy Says:

    Lol, didnt miss it the 1st time I left, and returned (DAMN YOU 2009 COLLECTION FOR LESS THAT A TENNER!!!)…. Not making that mistake again!! haha, see you in FF14 :OP

  4. Findecano Says:

    NOOO COME BACK NAO! ; ; lol

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