Dynamis and dancing!


DRG Dancing Queens

Last night was Dynamis-Bastok, which went really well – we only had 2 BLM’s which made things a little sticky at times, but we managed.. Getting the win. My SMN also got a nice piece of equipment for later levels – it went freelot 60+.

SMN Relic Hands

So my SMN is a very happy bunny, even though they don’t get much love in actually running Dynamis its given me a perogative to level SMN soon – like my BRD.

Congratulations to Kinikki too, who got her WHM to 75 while I was in Dynamis – 4th job at 75. Well done! She’s been helping me with my baby BRD (45), so.. Thank you for that too.


2 Responses to “Dynamis and dancing!”

  1. Kinikki Says:

    Congrats on the summony hands 😀

  2. Xandora Says:

    Thank yooooou!

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