You spoony Bard.



Yep – I’ve been a busy little BRD for the a past few days, and managed to hit 43 yesterday. I have my cute little Paper Knife to fend off my enemies (..alright, to rot for a while) and I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me of Nelle – less of a struggle gil-wise on Xandora though. As it slowly climbs higher, I do find myself enjoying it – here’s hoping I enjoy it enough post-60. I love my Summoner, but I think I have a little job ADD right now.. Who knows which will be the next to 75. I don’t!

Mog Bonanza? Fin won a Rank 5! Me? I didn’t win anything. Its all in good fun though – some people filled their mules with marbles and such, and then get all mad when they won nothing.. Its your fault for buying so many, silly! Some people were already making plans with the gil – they got really mad when they got a few statues.. Congratulations to all the winners though!

Other than that, we’ve done Dynamis again – San d’Oria this time which we already had, but we wanted practice so.. Jeuno on Saturday. The people we do it with (BaneLS) are really fun folks – they make the late runs more bearable! Really, its a good laugh when they all get going – yet they manage to keep things pretty tame too.

Site wise, I’m redoing the ‘About’ pages – sorry if they seem a little messy for now!


2 Responses to “You spoony Bard.”

  1. Kinikki Says:

    Le gratsu on the barding~!

  2. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Awww! You look so nice as a Bard~! (^^=)

    Congratulations on 43!

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