Another eventful day!


Well today Xan and I have been a very busy Hume and Elvaan – we managed to get rank 10 in San d’Oria; the fight was alot easier than either of us expected – I think that we could of duo’ed it as WHM/BLM and DRG/SAM but who knows… we had super tank Talc along! RDM/BLU for the win! Getting rank 10 now gives us chance to work on Windurst ranks! Some of the Windurst missions look real fun!


We also managed to get to Mission 33 of the Aht Urghan story line! Puppet in Peril was also really easy, although 3 of us died on the Lamia assault due to the PLD blood aggroing them all >.< Oh well we still managed to complete it! Now just to wait for Japanese midnight so we can do the next cutscene, i’d love to get most of the missions done; CoP is still on the list to do, but hopefully we can persuade enough people to come do Sacrarium with us!

I forgot to take screenshots for the AU missions! i’m sorry! ; ; – maybe next time (;

Goodnight from Fin and Xan!


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