Orcs, and wishlists.



I’ll make this post slightly more exciting by adding that we did Spiyres Windy mission today in Davoi. What a hellish mission  – all these Orcs, squatting in some poor guys house in the middle of Davoi. Of course, we had to kill the main guy.

So we did.

After dying a few times thanks to us being careless.. Needless to say, that screenshot is afterward – I was inside with Spiye, Fin and Bburfoot healing while Talc was outside with a nice little group of squatters. He killed them all. We love you Talc!

Onto a boring wishlist. Cut!


  • Dryad Staff (MP+50, Cure Potency +10%)


  • Light Grip (Converts 20 HP to MP Light Elemental Magic Accuracy +2)


  • Templar Mace (MND+5,  Cure Potency +10%, Enhances Undead Killer effect)


  • Muse Tariqah (Def 15, MND+7, CHR+7, Spell Interruption Rate -10%)


  • Healers Cap +1 (MP: 28 MND: 7 MP Recovered While Healing: 1 Enmity: -1)
  • Walahra Turban (HP: 30 MP: 30 Haste: 5%)


  • Clerics Briault (Def: 42(43) MP: 24(29) Regen Potency Up Enmity: -2(-3) Adds “Refresh” Effect)

This is a work in progress, more for my own benefit – I just want a nice list somewhere that I can refer to and keep an eye on. Sorry for the spam! My WHM needs some gear upgrades, and I like to be able to refer to things, so.. Suggestions also welcome!


3 Responses to “Orcs, and wishlists.”

  1. Jowah Says:

    I don’t get the whole love with dryad staff :< I use Templar mace+tariqah myself and i'm happy with it!

  2. Anexia Says:

    Clerics Briault (Def: 42(43) MP: 24(29) Regen Potency Up Enmity: -2(-3) Adds “Refresh” Effect)

    Are the numbers in () for the Briault +1? And upgrade wants are always nice! I need to find a better way to make gil so I can upgrade my jobs :< All of them need some attention!

  3. Xandora Says:

    I believe so, I used the stats from FFXIclopedia so.. They’re pretty organized with things like that. 🙂

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