Darkness named.


DN 1

After Fin’s ‘eventful’ afternoon, I wanted something nice and relaxing for him to to on game – so I let him pick. We had planned on EXP, but I pretty much banned him from that.

So, he picked to answer someone shouting for CoP 3.5 – Darkness named.


And this is how it went. People were told to stun at the wrong times, and it was generally really messy.. So Fin read up on tactics.


Then, after Fin taking charge, we killed him. Soon my SMN will have a shiny new weapon in her avatar arsenal. Thank you, Fin – take it easy, yeah? I’ll be traveling to his tomorrow as you can imagine, so updates might slow a little.

Edit: As you can probably tell, Fin is unscathed from his car adventures – the post below seems to amplify that. I’m just doing the girlfriend thing and worrying. (:


2 Responses to “Darkness named.”

  1. Findecano Says:


  2. Kinikki Says:

    I have just noticed there is a dead person in your screen named ‘Deceased’ … I kinda lol’d. XD

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