Coffer hunting woes!


Doing SMN AF today – those annoying ones where you have to hunt for the coffer? Fin got his done in about an hour…

Mine? Way longer. The key for the Temple piece took around 2 hours to drop – even with a THF 74 helping me out. Once we got that, it was maintenance again… So afterwards, I decided to go hunt around the temple to see if I could find the corresponding coffer. No. I got aggro and died a few times, and then decided I’d bring my bodyguard to come have a look with me later on.

Onto getting the Toraimarai Canal coffer key/coffer. We spent at least 2 hours here too, killing pretty much everything… Though a key dropped eventually – Wuffles kept us entertained. While hunting for the coffer…? We met a charming fellow.


Isn’t he a cutie? Fin ran into him. I didn’t care much since he wasn’t sat on a coffer, but.. We all killed him anyway. Wuffles, Talc, Shizuha, Fin and myself – it wasn’t so bad. Oh, and me and Fin were level 51, so we weren’t much help at all!


Wuffles actually got the loot, so congratulations Wuffy! We managed to get the coffer down there too afterwards, so I’m the proud owner of a nice shiny pair of Evoker’s Pigaches. Just the doublet and the horn to go now – which could take years going by our Temple coffer hunting right now.

One more thing for today, which made my night after a whole lot of coffering and keying and running… (Which, can someone remind me at some point to RESET. MY. TONBERRY. HATE. Thanks!)


Phoenix bloggers, represent! I enjoy meeting bloggers from all servers of course, but when you get a /tell from someone on your own server its special.  (Yeah – Slickdarula is on my links, underneath ‘Phoenix bloggers’. Pay a visit!)




6 Responses to “Coffer hunting woes!”

  1. Bollo Says:

    Hey^^ PC died yesterday… so dunno when i’ll be back on.

    As far as Temple of umpalumpas go, lemme know if you need a hand finding it, used to farm that zone lots etc, have every spawn point etched into my brain 😛

    Cgs on the GK also lol, used to have access from windy so used to go visit him quiet regular hehe.

  2. Bollo Says:

    Ohh… cgs!

  3. Bollo Says:

    Just noticed the edit (hence the 2nd post)

  4. Xandora Says:

    Okay B, sad to know you wont be on for a while. T__T; who will keep me sane? XOXO

  5. Bollo Says:

    Fi… nevermind..

    Anyways should be back soon, pc completely went skatty yesterday, nowt would work, so lost will to sort it out and did a complete re-install lol.

    Loaded up windows (about 4 hrs >.>) earlier, game is downloading as we speak along with 5000000000 other things i’m now missing.

    So yeah.. may even be back on tonight! Thank god for the macros stored to server thingy now!!


  6. slickdarula Says:

    awwwww I r special! don’t forget if u need help with anything…tell me!

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