Class reunion.


Well, today was supposed to be a ‘collect up SMN AF and then level’ day – but it went a little awry as Emergency Maintenance was announced (thank you Roxya for correcting me on times! Appreciated!)


So instead we simply got some AF done. I’ll probably update later after the maintenance when we might actually get to EXP a little.

evokers spats

As you can tell by the post below, Fin’s managed to get gear sorted for his RDM – his AF is still buried in Crawlers Nest for another hour yet, then I think we’ll try do our AF gloves. I’m settled on my SMN right now – managed to snag my Water and Fire staff earlier. Hurray!

I also did a few tweaks around the blog – updated a few links, and changed the header to something more suited to the summer months. Again, Purgonorgo is easily my favorite area in the game, so I always sway to have it featured in the header somehow.


2 Responses to “Class reunion.”

  1. Jowah Says:

    I kinda remember that fight: BLMs meleeing and doin’ GA GA GA! x.x
    Gratzu :3 You really have some guts leveling SMN now, even worse than the horrible BLM solo only :<

    • Xandora Says:

      I have some really wonderful friends who insist on me leveling with them, so <3. Plus with Fin as a RDM, he sneaks me into parties. /Sly

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