Summoner: the list!



Well, since my SMN is sat at 46 – and currently on its way higher, I thought I’d better start organizing what I need to start collecting for the coming levels. Its quite a list!


52: Evoker’s Spats: Quested
54: Evoker’s Bracers: Sea Serpent Grotto, coffer.
56: Evoker’s Pigaches: Toraimarai Canal, coffer.
58: Evoker’s Doublet: Temple of Uggalepih, coffer.
60: Evoker’s Horn: Quested

I have Austere hat, gloves and robe – and a few whispers towards my Evoker’s Ring, with the elemental staves – I still need Water and Fire (I gave them to a BLM a long time ago – he used them more than me!) so I’ll grab them at some point. Other than that, I’m pretty sorted – a lot of my WHM gear can carry over, like my rings and earrings for level 50.

Aside from EXPing on SMN, I’ve been doing MMM with the LS as usual – I had way over 200 marbles, just from playing in the mazes with friends! Fin’s been playing in the mazes as RDM – its a big change from DRG, but he’s doing really well. He’s main healing quite a lot recently, which I can help with when in-between pacts – so its all good.

I actually forgot how annoying Crawlers Nest is, to level in. Slow, poison, slow, poison.. Silly Crawlers. Oh well – looking forward to the new Anniversary Ring available soon!





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