Blue blue blue?


smnIts been a while since I sat down and updated Soulvoice – not through lack of will, I assure you. I’ve managed to get SMN to 43 tonight – I was planning on 44, but it didn’t happen. Regardless, I have really high hopes for tomorrow, so – watch this space!

I’ve been doing much MMM with friends, which has cheered me up a lot in game – I’ve been having a bit of a ‘blue’ period regarding things in-game, so it was a much welcomed relief.

Whats making me all blue? Well, probably linkshell issues. Recently, the LS has turned into a storm of sarcasm, nasty comments.. Generally, I find it a little depressing. So more often than not, I find myself unequipping the pearl to simply get away from it.

Sad, since its my own LS – but if I say something to counter the constant put-downs and such towards different members, I’m the cranky drama-inducing one. I just don’t think its fair – a few weeks ago I was so happy with the LS. Now it seems to have been a little misguided.

Regardless, I still adore the people I know in the LS, and I honestly don’t mean this post in a terrible way! I just feel a little blue regarding the attitudes – I know I, or Fin, will get earache from me saying this. But.. Well, I guess I’ll take it down if it causes too much of a problem.


One Response to “Blue blue blue?”

  1. Findecano Says:

    I’m nearly 43 😛 so we can look for 43+ tomorrow I guess ^^ Lets you use Ecliptic Growl n_n

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