Guess who’s back?



Back again? Spiyre’s back! Tell a friend!

I’ve mentioned Spiyre before – he’s someone we met years ago when we used to play and who we kept in regular contact with when we stopped playing. Since we all last played FFXI together, he’s had a son – so he’s now Daddy Spiyre.

All the best Spiyre, and welcome back to Vana’diel!


We did Moblin Maze Mongers most of last night, with Kahlie, Bollo, Findy and myself. It was a bit of a shock walking into the maze and having to kill dragons – but that was Fin having ‘fun’ with his runes. We did do it though, synced to 31 which is Kahlie’s level. I’m enjoying MMM, its actually quite fun with a group of friends – I’m looking forward to getting to the harder ones, though!


One Response to “Guess who’s back?”

  1. Spiyre Says:

    Yay! I am back! Lets have a party!

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