The Feast of Swords draws nigh!


The Feast of Swords is almost upon us, and any adventurer worth his or her salt knows what that entails—that heinous band of brigands will once again be upon us in an attempt to snatch the legendary Genji Armor from the hands of its rightful owners!

It is up to you, the stalwart lads and ladies of Vana’diel, to ensure that their dastardly designs will end in vain. Take shinai in hand and vanquish the vermin. You just might win yourself a most rewarding recompense!

  • How to Partake of the Feast

1. Firstly, converse with one of the event moogles stationed in the following locations to procure an ibushi shinai:
Southern San d’Oria (J-9) / Northern San d’Oria (D-8)
Bastok Mines (I-9) / Bastok Markets (G-8)
Windurst Waters (F-5) / Windurst Woods (K-10)

2. Having equipped said ceremonial arm, proceed to have it imbued with a dose of moogle magic by one of the friendly neighborhood M.H.M.U. representatives in the areas below.
West Ronfaure (I-6) / East Ronfaure (G-6) / La Theine Plateau (J-8) / Jugner Forest (I-8) / Batallia Downs (K-8) / North Gustaberg (L-8) / South Gustaberg (L-8) / Konschtat Highlands (I-6) / Pashhow Marshlands (K-6) / Rolanberry Fields (K-5) / West Sarutabaruta (J-8) / East Sarutabaruta (G-11) / Tahrongi Canyon (I-6) / Meriphataud Mountains (E-5) / Sauromugue Champaign (E-5)

3. Join forces with your comrades to seek out the armor-thieving brigands and put an end to their vice and villainy! Word has it that successfully fending off your enemies’ special attacks with your enchanted shinai will reap you considerable rewards…

4. When the battle has been won, trade your shinai to the ??? that has appeared in place of your vanquished foe. You just might be awarded a fabled blade for your feats of valor!

  • Mind The Three Maxims of Moogle Magic

#1: The moogle-magicked hero will be fleet of foot, but feeble of body. (Level will be restricted to 1, but movement speed will be increased in its stead.)
#2: The enchanted blade is to be brandished against brigands alone. (You will not be able to target standard enemies, but neither will they attack you.)
#3: Moogle magic is a fickle mistress, and will abandon you if you venture too far from the fray. (The enchantment will be lifted if you zone into another area or log out.)

  • Event Schedule

The Feast of Swords will come whirling into town on Tuesday, April 28 at 1:00 a.m. (PDT) and return to its sheath Tuesday, May 12 at the same hour.


The Feast of Swords was something I blogged about last year, so doing it this year and on Xandora should be fun. If I get the sword, it means I can run around and look like my NPC!

We’ve been taking it easy for the past few days (also known as slacking I believe). I’ve got NIN to 21 almost, but other than that is just been a farming few days – I did snag some Austere for my SMN, all I want now is the cuffs and thats ready to level, though I’ll managed without them if I can’t get hold of them right away – I’m sat on FFXIAH waiting!

Just for something special today! Yay! 100th post!


One Response to “The Feast of Swords draws nigh!”

  1. Bollo Says:

    I dunno why but I want all the event junk this time round lol. So if anyone wants to team up for this please lemme know :Op

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