Crazy day!


First things first, a big post today because I’m actually ill – so we’ve obviously, being doing a whole lot. Its always the case!


The big news for today? Finny, Shizuha, and Anwyl all helped me to get my beloved Carbuncle Mitts! That means my SMN is all ready to be leveled (excluding Diablos of course, he still eludes me). Finny has his RDM sorted, and the others are nearly all set too – yay!

The NM for the Mitts themselves, wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be. We managed quite fine with a NIN 74, DRG 75, BLM 75 and WHM 75 – I was dreading his Astral Flow, but it didn’t do nearly as much as we thought. The only thing that did hurt was the fact we hadn’t cleared our Tonberry hate. We had a few nice, big numbers!


We also spent a good portion of today in the past, doing Recall scroll quests and generally bumming around. I had to take a picture of the spanking Mithra, since Shizuha holds her in such high regard – there you go Shiz, just for you.

I like the WoTG areas, and I’m starting to enjoy things like Campaign and the Missions surrounding the past too – we are currently doing the San d’Oria past missions right now, so… I hope to do the other nations at some point too.


See this Goblin? He’s amazing, and every time you pass him you should give the guy a hug. When I first started the game, he amazed me because he was a friendly Goblin! I love Jeuno too, in the Junk Shop. I love Goblins, I think they’re the most adorable thing in game – I even have a cuddly one that sits on my bed, which Fin bought me years ago.

So you’ll probably see me poking/cuddling up with Goblins a lot on Xandora. I’m a little crazy like that about my home-skillet Goblins.


2 Responses to “Crazy day!”

  1. Shizuha Says:

    i would let that mithra spank me any day
    and whats with that yellow pearl you traitor ; ;

  2. Xandora Says:

    That was before Teddybears! ;_;

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