A friend in need!



I’ve spent the best part of today helping out my own little furball of love, Isilara. She’s just hit 18 in the Dunes, with a whole bunch of lovely people from Phoenix stopping to help her along the way – her parties were very understanding. I love it when people help the newbies – too many folks just get annoyed too easily, or just don’t have the patience/understanding to help them.

Some of the best friends I have made in the game so far, have been people I have met at a level lower than 40. I say some, because obviously there are exceptions sometimes… Teddybears has minimal members at 75 so far – but a few people are transferring to Phoenix to become members and arrange things like Nyzul, and those people are from when me and Finny were leveling through the game for the first time. Its great speaking to them on Vent again, and reminiscing about the old times – it’ll be fun getting together again.

Some more fabulous news? Spiyre is coming back for summer! Again, another player we met on the way through first time, and him and Finny are like brothers… So its fantastic news!

I’m going to go run around in Gusgen Mines in a few minutes, help her get the skull she needs for her sub job quest – then she can play on MNK for a while. Finny is busy leveling his RDM – we have a static sorted for 40 and my SMN is already there. He worked really hard yesterday getting his WHM to 37, which means its sorted for both DRG and RDM now. He doesn’t think it’ll go much higher than 37, so I think Vana’diel is safe on that front!


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  1. xiahoudun1981 Says:

    You most certainly can add me to the blogroll, so long as you don’t mind if I do the same! =)

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