Dance, dance.



Spent some time with Isilara today, showing her the ropes and generally having some fun. She’s leveling WAR, while me and Finny kept her company on DNC. The screenshot for today was us trying out the elite training regimes. We all managed to get to level 10 on those jobs, so we had a good run. Aside from the fact both Fin and Isilara were obsessed with opening chests.

On Emmi’s advice, I was trying DNC – its actually really fun. It doesn’t seem to be a typical melee job, so watch this space. Xan may have found a melee job she actually likes, although my priority at the moment is SMN to 75!

Some of the Teddybears did Assault yesterday, which was rather fun – I didn’t know beating on a wall could be so satisfying. I think we completed 1/3 in the end, since we were all pretty new to it, and.. Well, the little squirrel men didn’t really want to drop the bombs on the last wall since we ran a little late.



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