One is not amused.



Anyone that knows me, knows I hate melee jobs. No idea why, but I just prefer jobs that are more magic based. You can imagine my horror when I had to level MNK to 9, followed by WAR to 18 – all for NIN.

Not only does the armor look like she’s walked into Conan the Barbarian, but how uncomfortable does it look? What happened to the cosy looking snuggly mage armor? Whats really off putting, is the fact that right next to me, Fin is leveling WHM. In cosy, snuggly looking mage armor. Major hate! After WAR is done, its onto NIN where as he gets BLM. Though NIN armor does look a little better.

I honestly don’t know why melee jobs don’t entice me. I played as DRG a few days ago, and that did nothing for me either. Maybe I prefer the back line, away from all the nasty monsters… The cute, fluffy magical jobs. The supporting and healing roles. I have an old friend playing the game at the moment – Isilara. She’s known me since we were both Girl Guides. She said ‘all the jobs you play are capable of healing – its always the same :P’.

See? Even Girl Guides like magic and healing.


3 Responses to “One is not amused.”

  1. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Yes, you are right about the low level melee clothes not looking very nice at all. I personally think looks > stats. And I refuse to wear anything that is remotely inappropriate, including the armor on the image above. Too much skin for my taste (^^=)

    I want to look like a warrior, not a barbarian when playing a melee job.

    Have you given BLU any thoughts? It’s a front-line mage after all. Farming spells suck, but it’s a nice job they say.. or DRK… DRK and MNK is said to be big damage big fun, but expect people to make jokes about you if you pick “lolDRK”.

  2. Emmi Says:

    Try DNC! ^^ It’s my only melee-job currently, and it’s certainly interesting. Main healing while meleeing is just so new and different, but still familiar since the basics are the same, whether you are on WHM or on DNC. 😀

    Plus, you can solo/duo your NIN to 37 very easily with /DNC. ^^ (Prolly any melee-sub you need will be fine like that~)

  3. Jukor Says:

    The cruelest joke in the game is the Republic Subligar. Possibly the best leg piece for melees until Lv55 at the earliest if the job is fortunate enough to be able to use Royal Knight’s Breeches… and it’s a subligar. Reasons to carry town gear part the 2341240987th. ^^

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