Busy busy busy.



Yay! We got Crystalline Prophecy set up today – and after a few hours of running around killing random Beastmen, which were already pretty much extinct, and stealing some Goblin food… Yeah, that is me dead in the BCNM. The Beastmen don’t like Benediction much.

Thank you to Anwen and Anwyl for helping me and Fin through the expansion – you two are awesome!


We got to the last mission. Its late (early?) here, so we skipped doing that for tonight, but we’ll have it done by the end of the week no doubt. I can’t decide on the body piece… SMN augments? BRD augments? What did you guys choose, and what do you thinks best…? I have Nobles for WHM, so… Is it worth getting a WHM piece? Or make it a SMN-themed one? A BRD themed one?

I’m so stuck!


3 Responses to “Busy busy busy.”

  1. dantpup Says:

    If you go WHM get Fast Cast and M.Acc, those make it the best Repose body. As long as it has Fast Cast its going to be useful to you as WHM! 😀

  2. Jowah Says:

    I failed first attempt on last fight ;; Just got unlucky because I R0 for a minute and i was the PLD. orz.

    Dan said right about whm body! But to be honest, i won’t bother at all.
    I’d totally go for SMN one with Perp- and pet atk, a friend got it and can deal solid 1k+ damage with it!

    Lolbrd, just go for choral body+1 and your cute hq ele staves.

    I’m kinda undecided between ultimate sch nuking piece (macc and mab ofc) or PLD one with enmity and fast cast for utsu and all spells.

    Decisions, decisions……

  3. Xandora Says:

    The SMN one sounds sexy. I’m torn between that, and having a melee body piece since I own 0. D:

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