Campaigning for buffer!



Yep – as the screenshot shows, I spent a good portion of tonight in Campaign battles getting my buffer exp back.  We died getting Esuna – I still have that, and Sacrifice to get hold of.

I’ve spent the best part of 2 hours mulling over which job to take up to 75 next… And I settled on SMN. I said BRD on Twitter, but –  SMN is one I’ve wanted to take up since forever.

I managed to get my Egg Buffet! So did Finny, which is great – for a few days I honestly thought we wouldn’t get it, but after going out and buying most of the eggs, we managed. I’ll take a picture later!


(See? I went into my Mog House which is still under major construction, and took a picture of my giant egg for you.)


One Response to “Campaigning for buffer!”

  1. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Bard is a nice job, and fast paced. You generally don’t have to wait forever to get a party. Having said that, it can get awfully repetitive. I have tried to level the jobs several times, only to giving up in the end. I’m not 73 and I don’t feel that I can be bothered to take it to 75 just yet.

    SMN is a nice job, and maybe I’ll level it some day. First I want to get SCH75 and then work on RDM though.

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