And so it begins!





3 Responses to “And so it begins!”

  1. Anexia Says:

    …I probably should have farmed those. I -always- wait, but last night I let myself join the excitement, hehe. Byebye 170k!

  2. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Congratulations Xandora. I have yet to pick up my scrolls, because quite frankly, I don’t understand everyone that must have everything on day one. So I don’t have any issues with areas being swarmed with other people.

    I guess it shouldn’t have come as a shocker that there would be a maintenance today. It’s funny how there are more known issues after today’s maintenance than before though.

    I just wanted to level Scholar today before my KS99 run.

  3. aramina Says:

    I got Esuna pretty easily in Cape Terrigan. Lots of spawns and 5 min repops make it not that bad.

    Sacrifice is the pain in the butt one, because of limited Alchemists in there, long respawns, and tons of agro in the area. Definitely bring TH with you.

    Anyway, 4/4 now, but they’re all sitting in my Del.Box because I farmed them on Darkmoose and haven’t logged in Ara today.

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