Why so serious?


1/5 on Leaping Lizzy for her Bounding Boots (for me this time, not Fin!) since she was a real toughie this time. 5 hours yesterday with no pop! After that, we moved onto VE for his hairpin. Well. We got there, and someone started moaning in /say.


Then he started holding placeholders. As you can tell, Fin was not amused. Anyway, Fin suddenly used Flee, saying VE was up while this guy was holding the ‘PH’. Fin claimed, and we got the drop, 1/1.


Wonderful fellow. I shouldn’t have whispered him, but… Serves him right for trying to screw us around. Damn, I’m a level 75 mule.


3 Responses to “Why so serious?”

  1. Shigy Says:

    Me no you mule you take me item from fly for you pl you see.

    Me call GM for you friend ha you no I see you now ha we no you mul. Wiy yuo need hairspin for white you no not you job? I see you no to pt me shit nazi

  2. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    I hate people like that. Actually, I’m pretty much disgusted by people talking foul mouthed in /s in general. That guy was close to being a GM bait. (O.O=)

    Congratulations on the claim and the drop!

  3. Aerroenu Says:

    *snorts* Reminds me of this person (http://wyred.nu/lolfeiwong/). Brats.

    Congrats on the hairpin and beating that loser. >=] I hope I get lucky like that… if I can ever pull myself away from crafting. *lol*

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