Mog House blues.



I really, really need to do something with it. Send me pretty pictures of your Mog Houses, guys! (And for my lovely boyfriend – its my birthday on the 25th – between my BRD and Mog House, you have a lot of choice!)

And so this isn’t a completely superficial update – Romidiant hit 50! Now to do his limit break, and we can get back to grinding together (..erm?) again!


2 Responses to “Mog House blues.”

  1. Maiev Says:

    haha, i was actually recoding/organizing some post (just finished mog house one), decided to check RSS and saw you wanted inspiration! So hehe coincidence (that I had it open a sec ago)

    Here it is 😀

    This is what I decorated in the end 😀 Hope it helps xD

  2. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    These pictures aren’t exactly new, but here you go:

    Guess I should redecorate my home a little and add some nice new shiney things!

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