A WHM’s to-do list, and Jeuno?


Yep, I have a to-do list now. Aside from the usual things, like Dynamis and such, I have a little (bit of an underestimation) farming to do.


SCH is the one I’m aiming for, especially because more than one person has told me its fantastic. Its currently at 27, and should be at 37 in no time. BLM and SMN are both at capped level for subjobs.



A lot of gil, but nothing really compared to what it has been in the past, so I should count myself lucky. The MP+30 is fabulous, but the Enmity caught my eye too – you can never have too much -Enmity when your duoing with Fin.

To be honest, the Templar Mace/Muse Tariqah combination looks nice; so I’ll look into that at some point. I have other equipment to get hold of too of course, but the ones I need to inspire myself to farm for can be added up here. I did have more added here, but some of it was silly – thank you Kimiko (2 namedrops in 1 post?!) for pointing it out. Much love!


My Cooking skill is sat at 63. I had completely forgotten, in all honesty, that I’d even leveled a profession. I’m pretty happy, since it means I can carry on from there – I think that it can wait till I’m settled down, though. I’m still finding the game a whole new experience which is fabulous, but it can be very overwhelming.


I had to escort Leostrider, a newbie in our Linkshell to Jeuno this morning, after he hit 20. It brought back memories of me being run to Jeuno, by a friend who was barely even level 39 at the time. I forgot how much of a long run it is, but it was worth it. He was still exploring Jeuno thirty minutes later.

I think I was pretty much the same. FFXI was the first major MMO I played, so it was a completely different thing to me – I’m just happy someone was there to hold my hand! Its hard as a newbie these days – I’ll admit it, leveling on Nelle was really tough. We got a break when a friend gave us some gil, but we were hitting some sort of virtual wall. We couldn’t level, because we didn’t have the spells/gear, we couldn’t farm because we were too low. I applaud any player who starts a new character, I really do.

Hug a Newbie Day™

huganewbieSo, I went through the SCH gear I had been using, and gave it to one of our WHM’s who is new to FFXI – he’s in Qufim, and the gear will give him a boost. I think even Fin relented and gave some newbies 30k, to find their feet. Not much, but they were happy with it, which made it worth while. Remember guys – hug your newbie today! No kidding, these guys could be the ones passing you on Chocobo’s later, when you need a raise.

Other players who spread the newbie love today-

  • Kimiko, The Furball Yay Kimiko! She inspired me in the first place, so I’m glad I could return the favor!

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7 Responses to “A WHM’s to-do list, and Jeuno?”

  1. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Awww! I’m so totally going to make this my Hug a Newbie Day™!

    You look absolutely gorgeous with that lilac corsage. I wish I could get a lilac of a different color for my hair.

    What is your reasoning behind the HQ elemental staves by the way? Not like they provide any huge benefits over the NQ ones for a White Mage anyway. I personally use my Dryad Staff. I know a lot of people discourage the use of them because of the MP+50 and the lack of Mind, but I generally tend not to build up my Mind attribute as it is okay as it is (67+12).

  2. Xandora Says:

    I think I just want the staves upgraded; I’ve had the NQ ones for so long and they’ve always been pretty good to me. I had someone moan at me not long ago for not having the HQ’s, but I think I’ll probably go for them towards the end, considering theres so much new shiny gear for WHM out there right now. Every WHM I examine these days has completely different gear – when I left 2 years ago, people all had the same at Endgame level, pretty much.

    I guess some folks just like to nitpick. :(.

    Yeah, I wish you could get the corsages with different colors. Luckily I like the lilac, and it fits in with her background when I actually get around to role play her. 🙂

  3. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Never ever let people tell you your gear isn’t good enough. Well, unless your gear is counterproductive I suppose.

    Personality > Skill > Gear > Race

    You can the best gear ever, and be very skilled at what you do, but if you are act like you own the world or otherwise harass people, no one would want to party with you. I’d personally party with an adorable galka mage than a tarutaru prick meanie.

  4. Xandora Says:

    All Galka mages are adorable. :).

    I never used to let gear bother me. Recently its gotten bad, so I’m trying to make things as fab as possible to make up for the fact we haven’t done much Dynamis/Nyzul yet. 😦

  5. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    And here you go; you inspired me to make this my Hug a Newbie Day™. Let’s hope more people will join in on it!

  6. Kinikki Says:

    Really bugs me when people pick on gear but at the same time there are some horribly geared people in the game who I will happily point it out to.. But yeah, gear wise I feel the same. I sold my RDM gear ages ago to fun BRD and now I need to buy the AHables back.. Which are pricey. So sometimes I feel silly running around game in nashira and full relic but my AHable gear still being fairly basic. But in the same respect, I’ve not had a complaint about my inability to do my job yet D;

    Anywho. Hedgehog Bomb is a definite for WHM, would look into that. (: HQ staves.. I’m not too sure for WHM, they don’t up the cure potency or hMP, only adds 15% magic acc for the element. Though saying that, you’re levelling Bard. Terra’s and Apollo’s are wonderful for Bard. For WHM like people suggested I’d say Templar/Muse is a great combo. Though staff is great for now. (:

    Also: the rewards from the missions (tamas ring, bah…thingy ring, magnetic earring) are all very good I’d say. And free, just require the missions doing! Also the limbus earrings are good to look into (loqua for WHM too I should imagine!), though they cost a fair amount. Anywho I’ll stop rambling now. You’re gear’s fine, but upgrades are great too!

  7. Kinikki Says:

    Oh come on. *fund. Not fun.

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