A happy lady.


opalineMy little WHM has gotten something she wanted 2 years ago! She finally got the full Opaline set, and looks as cute as a button in it!

We have been trying Nyzul for the past few nights, which has been a complete nightmare. I guess it will come around with time, but its a real downer – we got to floor 5 and someone forgot to exit so we could save, and last night we spent 30 minutes trying to get lamps lit in a specific order. Unfortunately, everyone thought they knew better than the other people in the group. Me and Findy stayed pretty quiet, so 4 people talking over each other and pretty much disregarding what each other were saying?


The leader of the LS is a pretty nice guy though, and he was really patient with me and Fin when we were asking billions of questions, so we are going to stick it out. When someone is new to something, it doesn’t bother me. But when someone doesn’t know what to do, and acts like they do – or doesn’t take advice, it makes me sad.

We played around with Moblin Maze Mongers, which was fun. I had to switch (*had* – Fin ordered me to!) to my level 20 BST to go into mine, which I think is cheating a little. Especially since Fin was a 75 DRG. I will try it as WHM at some point though, it looks a lot of fun! Fin got his cute little eye patch, so with Xan in her Opaline and him in the eye patch they make quite a pair. I like having a ‘town’ set – saves me looking at the same set of equipment for weeks on end.. Now I get two sets to stare at?

In other news, SCH got to 19 last night before Nyzul, and I think were going to be leveling it a little later since Fin is leveling his BLU alongside. I was really impressed with the party yesterday, we even got Bollo to come level sync with us. I can’t wait till I manage to have a play with it as my sub, its really well spoken of. I guess next week will be my SCH-37-or-else week, though we have do have some Nyzul planned also.

I’m really looking forward to the new WHM changes being implemented – its such a treat, WHM has been the same for so long! I think I’m rather lucky, having taken a break when I did. I can adjust to the changes, but I do feel for the WHM’s who have played their job constantly for so many years. Its going to be a big change!


2 Responses to “A happy lady.”

  1. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Awww, how cute! (^^=)

    I just got a new Nyzul group of my own, and I’m glad it’s people I know and trust. It’s really frustrating going with pickup groups with all their quirks and greed… and lack of certainty.

  2. Anexia Says:

    Nyzul is a really tough event to get started on–my group spent a good month getting to floor 20. It’s frustrating when people forget to get tags, don’t show up, don’t know what they’re doing, etc.. but after you get to floor 20 or so it gets a ton better. Everyone pretty much gets the hang of it by that point, and is used to working together, so if you can just stick out the rocky start you should be good!

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