Scholar madness!



Yeah, the road to 37 for SCH has begun. I’m missing my WHM a lot, and I wish BRD was in its place but… SCH has a need to be leveled. SCH sub job and the changes implemented in the next patch? Wow!

Teddybears has gotten a few new members, too – really friendly folks. I find myself syncing with them a lot on my journey to 37, and they make it less of a chore.


5 Responses to “Scholar madness!”

  1. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Good luck with Scholar! (^^=)

    It’s a great subjob for White Mage—my favorite in fact. Makes my life so much easier, but I must admit I wish I had Warp. Oh well.

    I’m leveling SCH myself these days, hoping to get my student uniform soon.

  2. Xandora Says:

    Ohhh go go Kimi! The outfits cute and all, but… Just doesn’t float my boat. ;_;.

    Your gonna look amazing!

  3. Kimiko Says:

    Long as you know your stuff when it comes to playing mage jobs (basically being able to switch from black mage to white mage mentality on the fly), Scholar can really be a joy to play.

  4. Xandora Says:

    *Snuggles her Kimikos*

    Yeah, I noticed that. We just got from level 10 – 19 in a Dunes party, and I wasn’t getting bored because I could do so much! Its fun to play, but I have BRD, SMN… All before SCH right now! 🙂

  5. Anexia Says:

    SCH isn’t super fun at low levels, it’s “just another mage job,” and a not so powerful one at that. Once you get to 35 or so though it really starts to shine, and certainly by 40 it’s a real joy to play. If you’re set on just having it as a sj though, you’ll miss out on it being the most fun! Either way though, it truly is an amazing SJ for WHM–I’ve not used anything else since I got SCH 37+

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