Blast from the past!



Yep, we finally got the Wings of the Goddess of expansion! Its much easier this time around, and we started collecting the Maw’s tonight. I think tomorrow will be the time for unlocking SCH and DNC, and collecting the Recall spells.

Its good fun – I’m happy they arrived, even though Fin has to do some work on WHM, the expansion will break up leveling BRD and PLD, and give us chance to have a go of Campaign and the might Moblin Maze Mongers. Thats one thing I’ve missed off Nelle!


We decided on San d’Oria for missions this time, since we did Windy and Basty on Nelle and Rinion (not all of them.. We left Windy and joined Basty, or something along those lines). Its a long night of trekking around the three nations and getting the maws, but its fun watching Fin attempt to take on the monsters in those areas. I always like the past areas, and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into the Campaign side of things.

I also have to say that my boyfriend is a monster, and will probably be taken to Vana’diel hell. The poor Lycopodium’s only want to nibble his toes a little.


But he also bought me the first part of my Opaline set, which made me a very happy girly… So I love him. Lots.


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