As you can tell from Findy’s entry this afternoon, me and Fin started San d’Oria 8-2 earlier. I didn’t think we’d get it done to be honest. I’d read up on the mission and it did seem a little tough, and shouting in Whitegate didn’t tempt anyone to do it.

After spending hours getting the Prelate Key earlier this afternoon, and wanting the 80k to put towards Findy’s weapon, we really wanted it done. Luckily, we have awesome friends.


Mitsukilatem helped us (she’s an awesome PUP with a doll named Butler) and we made short work of Nio-Hum. He didn’t hit that hard, and even with no ‘official’ tank we didn’t have that much of a problem. Findy sneak pulled him, leaving his little friend at the door so we only had to take one.

We managed to do it with 3 people, which I’m really proud of. Or, 3 people, a Wyvern and a Puppet.

In other news…


You know that that means, right? As soon as Fin catches his PLD up to my BRD – we can actually level! I’m quite looking forward to it, I miss my BRD and I’m settled on it being my next job up at 75. I have the two major pieces of gear I wanted at this level, so – just wanting on Fin! He only has 5 levels to catch up, so I’ll bug him till he does it.

* I wanted to add a screenshot…

rank9Soon I shall have my Thalasocrat! (when the price jackers stop price jacking!) :< -Fin


One Response to “Lightbringer?”

  1. Jowah Says:

    Duo’d that mission like last week, I totally didnt want to farm key x.x Managed to chi blast aggor some mob behind door in 5~min :3 You could have really fought that NM with 2 people! That fight is extremely easy ;3

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