Every girl needs one.


romiNote: My NPC looks nothing like this. I just thought I’d make him look somewhat presentable – he likes wandering around in the most horrendous outfits.

This is Romidiant. He’s my lovable ‘DPS-in-a-pearl’ and he’s always there when I need a helping hand. We spend a lot of time together, Romi and I. Whether its me purposely going out to level him, or whether he kindly helps me with farming. He’s such a gentleman.

Tonight, I decided to pamper him a little. I took him to Quicksand Caves, so he could smack a few Beetles around with me, since he’s level 48 – two levels from Armittie (Findecano’s companion) and I’m tired of him being outdone by some skimpily dressed woman. We recently did Blessed Radiance, and I’m quite liking the little storyline that goes along with it. It was a major pain having to use charges on my tactics pearl to do it though.

Oh well, I’ll make sure I get better use out of the tactics pearl next week. The expansion packs should have more than likely arrived by then, and I’ve heard theres some nice areas for people to duo NPC levels there… With Fin and Romi on DPS duty, and me and Armittie around to heal, we have a pretty solid group.

What else have I been doing? Farming, so that Fin can finally get his Thalassocrat. He’s been farming his Elvaan tushy off, so I think if I can at least make up some of the costs, it’ll be great for him. We’re slowly getting ready for BRD and PLD – I’m looking forward to leveling them soon, but we have other things popping up now and again that need doing. I know Fin wants us to get Rank 10 which is no problem really, and we need to cut through a few AU missions – not to mention the WOTG missions we’ll have to do.

Anyway, off to do a little changing around in my Mog House… I’ll post pictures when I’m happy with it, of course. My MH seems to be a little of an obsession with me lately!


2 Responses to “Every girl needs one.”

  1. Findecano Says:

    What was that about ‘so I think if I can at least make up some of the costs’ YOU BOUGHT A 25K USELESS FISH TANK! :O

  2. Xandora Says:

    ;_; [Impulse Drive] Buying!

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