Here we go again!


Well, I did mention in my last post we were unsettled on jobs. I (think) its been decided that I’ll level as BRD, and Finny as PLD next – he’s always wanted a tanking job. I don’t mind BRD – I enjoyed it as Nelle as my previous posts show. For Xandora, its currently sat at 25 while his Paladin sits at 20, so I’ll wait him out before going further. I’m really touched actually – Shizuha had camped Mary’s Horn for me a long, long time ago… And he gave me it today. I’m really, really touched.

Since Monster Signa is only 50k on Phoenix, I’ll just buy that from the AH – its no problem. At least I don’t have to camp those two items – I have a few on my list to farm up and buy from the AH such as instruments, songs, equipment… Either way I’m looking forward to it. Means I actually have no choice, I have to knuckle down and level NIN as a viable subjob.

We’ve had a quiet night tonight – camping Ose for Finny’s Assault Jerkin (no drop, twice – back to camping him tomorrow) and other little things. Hoping the expansion will arrive in the next few days, fingers crossed.


4 Responses to “Here we go again!”

  1. Anexia Says:

    There are actually very few times, if ever, that you’ll be asked to BRD/NIN in exp. At 75, if you enjoy pulling, you -need- /nin for birds, but even at Mamool Ja you can get by just fine with /whm. If you’re like me, I always /whm or /sch and am the backline bard 😀 End game, etc… will pretty much all be /whm as well–the only time I can think that I’ve been asked to BRD/NIN was for one Jailer in Sea, that they then realized /nin wouldn’t work for, hehe.

    Anyways, /nin is great fun, but you don’t really -NEED- it for brd ^^ Happy leveling, brd’s such a fun job! My bf and I are actually staticing BRD+PLD atm–hopefully you two enjoy it as much as we are!

  2. Jowah Says:

    I ONLY BRD/NIN at merits……….it’s 100thousand times more efficent. If you play it right saves mp to your healer, also :ni cast time is ridicolousy fast…… lolstoneskin.

    And basically, for brd you need 3 Subs. /BLM, /NIN and /WHM. All but nin are ubereasy!

  3. Xandora Says:

    BLM/WHM are pretty much covered. :D. /NIN will be a pain because I really suck at melee jobs. I have a good teacher in Fin though, so heres hoping!

  4. Jowah Says:

    Vana anniversary should be soon ;3 The ring will help you alot!
    Also, for fast leveling, I’d suggest you to perm-level in qufim till 37, synching around 20-21~ and killing lake mobs will make you get the fastest exp ever. I got 37-48 on rdm in 4ish pts, couple hours each.

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