Royal Jelly – Round 2.



Well, it was Shizuha’s turn today, the little Mithran scamp. We ran Royal Jelly again, with no major problems – our setup is DRG/WAR, DRK/WAR and WHM/BLM – its really easy. Alas, Xandora got more junk!

Findy got his NIN to 37 (within a day of getting Utsusemi: Ni, so I’m proud) which means he can concentrate on his SAM. I’ve been farming my little WHM tushy off, and my gil amount can testify (as well as my FFXIAH, so it seems)! I’m quite proud of myself – farming has never been my forte, at all. I hate it with a passion, and I’m masterful at avoiding it. But I guess when its got to be done, its got to be done… Something positive came from it all though – I found lots of familiar faces lurking around.

We ordered our copies of the expansions yesterday, so I think we’ll probably be taking it easy till we get those through. But saying that, Findy has a habit of surprising me, so we’ll see.


More Rice Cake madness – Shiz really does have those on tap. I like the Mithra one – look at my cute fluffy tail! I think Findy was a little confused here, he’d been in the AH one minute and his loving Hume girlfriend had morphed into a baby Mithra.

I know I spam useless pictures sometimes – but I like posting pictures of our friends. Makes me happy I came back to the game!


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