Only took 4 years…



Thats one of us! We got into a party where we just wouldn’t stop pulling, and the result…?


I guess thats it for excuses. I have no choice but to farm for my Nobles Tunic and the like.

I just realised that Soul★voice has had its 5000th hit today. I’m so surprised, and really humbled. Thank you, everyone who has read, subscribed, and commented. Your all fabulous.


7 Responses to “Only took 4 years…”

  1. Anexia Says:

    Congrats on 75!!

  2. Jukor Says:


  3. Kimiko Says:

    Congrats on 75 and on the 5k hits! =D

  4. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    Congratulations on reaching level 75!

  5. shi Says:

    Grats on 75! ^^

    Good thing Noble’s isn’t as expensive as it used to be. 😀 Even I managed to get one while back when, and I’m terribly lazy with making money in this game. I just don’t get why I should work in a game, since I login to forget my IRL money problems and school, etc. ^^;

  6. Etain Says:


  7. Xandora Says:

    Thank you, everyone!! ❤

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