Version Update Notice


In the upcoming April version update, fearsome Notorious Monsters will take to the field in areas of past Vana’diel currently under the control of the Allied Forces.

With each passing version update, the Campaign Battles and Campaign Ops systems continue to grow in size and scope. Next month will see the introduction of fearsome new Notorious Monsters to past Vana’diel to further intensify that savage conflict known as the Crystal War.

In order to engage in battle with one of these new NMs, the Allied Forces must currently hold sway over the area in which the creature appears. In addition, you must also be in possession of the required key item which is obtainable from specific NPCs in each nation. With these two prerequisites fulfilled, simply examine the designated target point located in each area. This will trigger the NM’s appearance.

Key Items

– The trigger key item can be acquired in exchange for Allied Notes. While neither your rank nor allegiance will influence your eligibility for obtainment, no more than one can be acquired per Earth day.
– All players wishing to engage in the battle must be in possession of the key item.
– It is required that the key item is one that has been issued from the nation currently in control of the area. For example, a key item issued from San d’Oria is needed to participate in an NM battle in a Ronfaure (S) under Kingdom control.

Battle Conditions

– The allotted battle time is 30 minutes.
– No experience penalties will be imposed for being rendered unconscious.
– While each NM is intended to provide a suitable challenge for a six-member party, it will be possible for an 18-member alliance to participate, similarly to the ENM quest.
– NMs will take to the field in the company of a squad of underlings.
– Defeating these NMs will yield not only experience points, but also additional rewards the nature of which will vary depending on the strategy that was employed during battle.

We fervently hope that your efforts to aid the Allied Forces in regaining dominance over the land are met with every success, for yet another exhilarating challenge awaits you on the horizon!


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