Distant Beliefs & Ancient Vows?


Today started as a nice ‘lets farm something today, Sweetheart!’ so.. We ended up knee deep in the CoP quest line. Findecano did get his Walahra Turban, and he also got a nice weapon skill called ‘Impulse Drive’ today – Congratulations! He finally managed to kill the dratted NM he needed, though I was in the middle of setting up for the Minotaur fight so I couldn’t help, unfortunately.


I had good fun. I’d only managed to get to Distant Beliefs pre-hiatus, so being able to jump straight back in and work on getting through CoP was awesome. We had an awesome group of people to do it with too – thank you to Findecano, Mezzamee, Partyguy, Purpose and Bravado. You guys made the quests a little more fun and enjoyable.


Mammets, I was worried about. I’ve heard some awful horror stories, and nearly had my own when I re-raised too early – luckily our Summoner was outside already, and once we got booted out he could raise. I felt more than a little silly, but luckily it worked out in the end. I guess Whitemage does take some getting used to after 2 years, including the quirks with reraise and such, that I’m totally not used to. What buffs wear when you zone, what buffs stay on when you zone – erk!


2.15am, and…


Hurray! We did better on the runs where we thought we had no items, than the run we did with the items. We died twice, and got them on the 3rd try – well done guys! We actually joined the Linkshell so we can go through CoP with these guys, so really looking forward to future progress with them!



One Response to “Distant Beliefs & Ancient Vows?”

  1. Anexia Says:

    Congrats on getting through PM Chapter 2! PMs really aren’t so bad if you’ve got a nice group to work through them with and have flexible jobs. GL with the rest of your CoP missions! (:

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