Well, Thanks!


Gotta love it when Findy spends the afternoon collecting coins for his Walahra Turban, only to enter Al Zahbi during Besieged and fight his little heart out, then… The NPC he needs gets kidnapped.


Cue some Rambo-style planning of retrieval. He gave up soon afterward; claiming he’d wreak some havoc and rescue his dearest Chochoroon, tomorrow.

Edit: Mee Deggi is a pain in the bum and a half! Damn Finny’s MNK wanting O’s Kote!


2 Responses to “Well, Thanks!”

  1. Kimiko the Furball Says:

    I hate Besieged to be honest. It’s always in the way and the beastmen always nabs the NPCs I need. I wish Besieged was in an area where the npcs didn’t matter.

  2. Xandora Says:

    Kimikoooooo! ❤

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